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Epiphany Workflow II
E is for very bright college students who are in academic trouble. E helps you organize your academic projects, your drafts, your notes, and your source materials. E may be especially helpful for students with ADHD.

For many very bright students a non-linear workflow, jumping back and forth among projects following exciting inspirations, is a fact of life. But, a non-linear workflow makes it hard to keep track of projects and ease to mislay or forget early work. E records and organizes your work and makes every aspect of your work instantly available at any time. With E, you can follow your insights and later return to easily pick up where you left off.

For example, to write a paper:
Begin by adding highlights to your source material (almost any file or website)

Next, move the highlights to E’s outliner, add notes and comments, organize these items, and refer to the outline while writing the sections of your report:

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